Finding an NHS dentist in Durham?

Finding an NHS dentist in County Durham is one big nightmare? If I am not taking on NHS patients what can you do?


3/11/20241 min read

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white and red knit textile on brown tree branch

Finding an NHS dentist accepting new patients can be tricky, but there are a few ways to increase your chances of success:

1. NHS Service Finder:

  • This is the official NHS website to find local NHS services, including dentists: Find a dentist NHS:

  • Enter your postcode to find dentists near you. The website also allows you to check:

    • If they are accepting new NHS patients (this information may not always be up-to-date).

    • Opening hours and contact details.

    • Reviews and ratings from other users.

2. Contact other Dental Practice's Directly:

  • Even if the NHS website doesn't show them as accepting new patients, it's always worth contacting the practice directly. Their situation might have changed, or they might have a waiting list you can join


3. NHS England Customer Contact Centre:

  • If you're struggling to find an NHS dentist in your area, you can contact NHS England for help:

    • Phone: 0300 311 2233

    • While NHS England can't find a dentist for you directly, they can offer additional advice and resources.

4. Your Local Healthwatch:

  • This is a local organisation that provides information and support on health and social care services: Healthwatch England website on

    • They may have information on local NHS dentists accepting new patients.

5. Consider Alternative Options:

  • If finding an NHS dentist proves very difficult, you might consider:

    • Waiting until more NHS appointments become available (the NHS dental recovery plan aims to improve access).

    • Looking for a private dentist - though this will likely involve paying for treatment.

Remember, persistence is key! Keep trying the methods above, and hopefully, you'll find an NHS dentist that meets your needs.