I am delighted to share my experience of cosmetic dentistry as it has been such a positive experience, with two wonderful outcomes – I can eat and I can smile! Having dental problems plus Parkinson’s did not enhance my self image. Enter Mr. Kinghorn and the enticing possibility of no more gum disease, and an even smile ! I received excellent care in a relaxed and supportive environment. I no longer have to hide from cameras or worry about losing crowns. A perfect result, and an amazing boost to my self confidence

Many thanks H.T.

I am sorry to hear that Aaron Kinghorn has left the Oxford Dental clinic to re-settle in the North of England. In the two years or so that he has been my dentist I have received excellent service, advice and help in every way and he has been unfailingly courteous and kind to a ‘jumpy’ patient. I wish him well in the future and am just sorry you will be loosing him in Oxford.

Many thanks Dr AM

I can't tell you how depressing it is to learn that Aaron Kinghorn has moved to the North East. Like most people I have never looked forward to a dental appointment with unalloyed enthusiasm, but when Aaron is wielding the drill I have, for the first time, felt completely relaxed about the impending procedure. Not only is he a spectacularly competent surgeon, he also has a unique approach to 'patient care' that inspires complete confidence. And, where else in the dental profession can you enjoy an enlightening tutorial on bonsai tree care, albeit punctuated with familiar (yet pain-free) noises of drilling and oral vacuum cleaning? This is a sad loss to Oxford. If you are in contact with Aaron, please pass on my best wishes for his new career and life in Durham.

Sincerely, Dr MF

I am very sorry to see that Mr Kinghorn is leaving the area and would just like to put on record my opinion of qualities. I have been visiting dentists for over sixty years and Aaron Kinghorn is by a large measure , and in all respects, the best dentist with whom I have had treatment. His gentle and courteous manner puts one at ease and this was helped by his explanations of the treatment that he intended to carry out. The treatment itself was carried out with the utmost regard and sympathy for his patient, with great skill - and where possible, humour. I wish him all the best in establishing a new practice in his home area and have no doubt that it will be a great success.

TK, Summertown. Oxford.

I've now seen my dentist twice, having been transferred to them. Never before have I met anyone so good at their job.

As a very nervous patient, even having been referred for sedation in the past, the dentist puts me at ease, is patient, articulate, honest and, best of all, pain free! They take time to talk me through all treatment, explain everything they are doing and why and does everything they can to make it as painless as possible.

All the latest tools and tricks are available and used to every advantage so preventative is better than fillings!I'm given all the time in the world to muck about as much as I want before I settle down for treatment (and I'm not a child, I'm actually in my late twenties) and I'm made to feel valued and like the only patient they have. The dentist is excellent with my son, doing the same for him as he does for me, and has restored my son's trust in dentists, he having been apprehensive because of treatment in the past. I would not hesitate to recommend my dentist and Elvet Dental Practice to everyone and anyone. Top marks!

Lyndsey- NHS choices April 2014

I am sorry that Aaron is leaving the practice. I have had excellent 5service from him since I moved back to Oxford two years ago. His approach is one which encourages active participation from the patient – more like an equal partnership. As a result, my own dental routines are much more thorough and I have looked after my teeth better than ever. I really wish Aaron well

CD, Oxford.

As a recent patient with the Dental Clinic - Oxford I would like to make my views known regarding the treatment received with Dentist, Mr Aaron Kinghorn. I went with the view of just having teeth whitening and explained that I had lost my confidence because of the discoloration of the teeth. Mr Kinghorn fully explained the benefits of whitening and suggested other treatments to me that would enhance my smile. My treatment was fully discussed with me at great length, I never at any point felt rushed to make a decision and was told to come back at any time if I needed to discuss any questions. From My first appointment I felt I could trust Mr Kinghorn with my treatment and advice. I have since had further treatment to enhance the appearance of my teeth and am considering returning to have a bridge replaced. Disappointed he is leaving Oxford as I feel you need to trust your dentist fully when taking advice on treatments. I would recommend Mr Kinghorn to anyone that was considering any form of treatment and wish him well for the future in his new practice.

MA- Oxford